Compare Telematics Insurance for Fleets

Compare Telematics Insurance for Fleets

Comparing insurance policies to find the best deal in the market can be hard work. It is even trickier when comparing fleet policies with telematics, with the extra points of comparison. Whether you are shopping for a new telematics policy, or your telematics policy renewal is due, there are lots of questions that need to be asked. Find out some of the questions business owners like you are asking about smart insurance policies.

You know all about “black box” insurance for your personal car insurance policy, but what about “Black Box” Insurance Policies for your fleet? More fleet managers are seeing the benefits of telematics insurance for their business. We are speaking to more clients who have done their research and have come to us after deciding that they want a smart insurance policy. Telematics have been incentivised recently. More insurance underwriters than ever before offer economic savings, in exchange for driver data. If this wasn't enough it has the added benefit of running a safer and more efficient fleet.

Even after deciding that you want to have telematics insurance for your fleet there are still lots of questions. Customers ask us "I have already installed telematics in my fleet can I use this with my new insurers? "

As an insurance broker we are able to work with clients on a case by case basis to find an insurance policy which works for your business. We strive to find a personalised policy, for each client, to their requirements. Recently we worked with a client who had already installed a smart technology system so they could give delivery times to their clients. Rather than install a second telematics system, we were able to rule out suppliers who use proprietary equipment. This allowed us to search for an insurer that was able to work with the existing technology.

Can I rent? or do I have to buy telematics? which is the best system?

If you have not yet purchased a telematics system, you have the advantage of accessing more policies. But this situation still presents its own unique challenges. Maybe when you hear ‘Real time tracking with driver data available on your phone’ it makes you excited, but also anxious about the technology. It might leave you wondering, Do I need to install something new? will it be expensive? Customers also ask us, Is it a sustainable technology am I going to need a new Black Box and software next year! An insurance broker for fleet telematics policies can act as an independent advisor. By working with an insurance broker you have someone available to support you in making decisions and finding answers.

We can offer an insurance policy bespoke to you, but the number of telematics systems are almost as diverse. There is a range of data that different companies choose to capture. This can include GPS data, on board cameras, and much more. Although this can be overwhelming at first our clients have taken the step of speaking to a specialist in your field. If you haven’t already installed your telematics system, you only need to be involved in the selection of the hardware if you are interested.

Is transport insurance with telematics suitable for fleets in my sector?

Couriers, workshops … there are rarely 2 fleets the same, 3 HGVs and a pickup, a transit and a HGV and a Car! Transport insurance with telematics is available for all trades and fleets. We are able to work with clients whatever their specialism and find policies which offer operations efficiency. By working with clients on an individual basis, and talking to underwriters directly, we are able to find the ideal policy for fleets of all sizes.

What is the next step in getting telematics insurance for my transport business?

The cost of telematics systems are decreasing, and the technology is more sophisticated than ever before. Fleet managers who want to shop around for fleet insurance with telematics to access significant savings. Whether you are an expert in telematics technologies, or starting to explore the opportunities, our specialists are available to answer any questions you have. If you are still asking Which insurers offer telematics policies? Contact us today to find a policy that will work for your business.

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