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Tipper Insurance

Tipper Insurance For Owner Drivers

As an owner driver of a Tipper working in the haulage business, you will probably understand how competitive this market can be. You are likely to be hauling low value products, such as sound, travel or aggregate. A number of owner drivers will be involved in muck removal, or removing earth. This type of work is generally found on civil engineering projects, such as building roads and motorways. Usually, the main contractor will sub out the haulage work to smaller owner drivers. If you are just setting up in this line of business, we are able to offer intro discounts, provided you can get a letter to validate your driving history. In situations where you have a good driving history, the history may be transferred into a no claims bonus. This is not available with all insurers, but can be really beneficial to a new start operation.

Breakdown Cover For Tipper Insurance

When working within the construction or civil engineering drivers will often have to take the trucks off road when collecting or delivering the stone or gravel. These vehicles generally work particularly hard, and they can be the subject to high levels of wear and tear. If the vehicle breaks down it can have a knock on effect, as the contractor that provides the work may see that provider as being unreliable. To give the owner driver peace of mind, it is possible to have breakdown cover, which enables the vehicles to be towed directly to a garage in the event of it requiring repairs.

Continuity of Tipper insurance work

As an owner driver working in this sector, the levels of work may go up and down. In reality, there are only twelve month insurance policies and therefore it is vital for the owner driver to secure work all year round, as in the event of the vehicle not being used for any period of time the owner driver will be losing money. Particular quiet times of the year are around Christmas, and the summer holiday months, so you need to negotiate with your provider to get continuity all year round. In essence you need to get competitive Tipper insurance from a specialist broker who compares the whole market.

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