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Truck Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I need an operator’s licence?

A.  If you have a vehicle that is over 3.5tonne GVW, then you will need an operator’s licence to carry your own goods, or somebody else’s for hire and reward.

Q. Can I transfer my no claims bonus from another insurance company?

A. Provided the bonus was earned in the UK, then it can be transferred from one insurance company to another. The no claims bonus is a vital variable upon which the whole premium calculation is calculated. In certain situations, it is possible to transfer a bonus from a commercial vehicle, ie. a van, up to a larger vehicle, but you will need to clarify this with each individual insurer. Having a good amount of no claims bonus can amount to getting discount of up to 65%.

Q. Can I have breakdown and recovery included in my policy?

A. Certain insurers will include breakdown recovery as a standard option, however it is available as an additional cost with others. If you are running an older vehicle, then it may be advisable to have this cover in place. If the vehicle was to breakdown there can be knock on effects in terms of losing your credibility to your customer, and also the downtime whilst the vehicle is off the road.

Q. Do I want third party or comprehensive cover?

A. This is entirely up to the individual’s preferences, but as a general rule of thumb, if the vehicle is over £10,000 in value, then you will probably want to have comprehensive cover. All policies give you third party cover in Europe, but if you do require comprehensive cover in Europe then you will need to have a green card in place. Generally, for central European countries these are 30-40% of the total premium.

Q. What extra policies will I need with my truck insurance?

A. It is a legal requirement to have motor insurance on a vehicle in this country, and if you employ any other person to drive your vehicle, you will need employer’s liability insurance as a standard. The company that you are providing traction services to, may also require you to have goods in transit cover, and sometimes air side cover. These are specified by a contractor, and you will need to forward this information to your broker, for him to include this cover in the quote.

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What does HGV insurance cover?

Every fleet manager and owner driver knows that the correct insurance for HGV and traders can be the lifeline for their business when they most need it. Heavy goods vehicles can be huge, dangerous unstoppable machines which can cause a lot of damage. Which is why attaining the correct level of public liability insurance is very important. Sums of which can be up to £10 million and above depending on how large your fleet is. It's not as simple as asking what does HGV insurance cover. Because each policy is customised to your specific trucking activity. With the ability to cover small pickup trucks, right through to 3.5 tonne and 44 tonnes refrigerated lorries.

What does HGV insurance cover when working from a yard?

Your HGV insurance policy coverage is an all encompassing document built to insure every aspect of your business. Employer's insurance, cover for employees while on site and visitors too. There's even a form of combined trader's insurance which can insure your buildings and all road risks for one single monthly premium payment. Whether you drive a cherry picker, low loader or classic truck every vehicle can be insured even if many are multi type, in one single document. It can also include the usual fully comp, fire and theft with third party and contents cover. As your business grows you may well need an HGV fleet insurance to cover all the vehicles under one policy . The correct class of Goods in Transit cover can always be assured and changed with a quick phone call. As can European breakdown recovery and if you work on third party trucks, indemnity insurance too.

There tends to be no upper age limit and an underwriter can work with us to ensure even the most at risk driver can gain insurance. Of course legal fees will always be covered and supported by a professional team should a claim be made against you. With a 24 hour help line should any questions arise. Most drivers and company managers do not have the time to worry about details which is why it is good to find a specialist broker you can trust. We'll ensure you have cover for young drivers at the lowest premium possible. We'll be sure to include low mileage discounts where necessary and group driver no claims bonuses for the cheapest possible quotation. Call today and ask our brokers "What does HGV insurance cover for my luxury car transporting business, goods delivery or builders trade vehicles.

Can I have lorry fleet insurance with zero deposit?

In most situations you don't get to have your cake and eat it. When you ask "Can I have with zero deposit up front? You are actually asking if an insurer will provide coverage for the first 30 days without you paying anything. Not many if any will allow you to do this. However as usual the devil is in the detail. When people talk about zero no deposit, they refer to paying less monthly premiums during the year. This is called a flexible payment offer. Which in most cases means you pay an upfront charge and then can pay a set amount for the next eight, nine or ten months. If you don't need this flexibility then in most cases all lorry insurance premiums are with no deposit because you pay the annual premium on the day you sign for it.

Therefore the only situation where you pay a zero deposit is when you pay money in advance. It could be that your insurance has run out but you need to drive on the day but have no money. We are 99% certain that no insurer will provide coverage without you paying the first month up front. We suggest you park up until gain a new insurance policy or get documents arranged and charge it to a credit card. For more information about finding out how to save money on click now. Alternatively, try and get you and your truck on another company's coverage in the interim. That's a big ask when considering multiple trucks with fleet insurance however.

Can I have lorry fleet insurance with zero deposit and with 0% interest?

You are effectively signing a contract and money needs to be parted with to make it firm and begin coverage. Offerings of monthly payments are available with many different fleet insurers but you should be looking for the best deal based on 0% finance if possible. Money is not the only aspect to consider. The policy particulars make as much difference as the ability to pay monthly or yearly. If you are receiving less coverage then you should for public liability, you could be facing financial hardship should an accident occur. Building in the correct class of Goods in Transit, European breakdown recover, replacement vehicle and employer's insurance vital too. So the answer to can I have lorry fleet insurance with zero deposit? Is likely to be negative but we can help find a way to get you insured today and back on the road for the least cost possible. 

Can I have goods in transit and lorry insurance together?

Nationwide hauliers would not be able to see out their daily duties and drive loads around the country without this form of protection. Whether you transport your own company goods, that of a third party or both. What is carried in the trailer could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more across many trailers. For more advice about truck insurance with young drivers see the link.  Delays on the road could result in fresh veg spoiling. A vehicle turning over might see an entire load written off. Then there's trailers stolen to order, hijacking and opportunistic burglary. Not forgetting to mention the border problems of immigrants breaking in, completely voiding all cargo held within in an instant. Can I have goods in transit and lorry insurance together? You most certainly can and highly important that you do!

Every truck and trailer insurance policy is tailored to your specific company needs. Whether you deliver building materials, hazardous bi-products or supply retailers with food and electrical goods or manufacturers with much needed parts. Every load is classed differently. You can be insured against loss, theft or damage of stock. You don't need to be a haulier to attain such cover. You could be a furniture removal company, courier or transport high end luxury cars. The details in the particulars will indicate what cover you receive for which scenario. This is why a broker will build this into your lorry insurance policy on a custom basis.

Can I have goods in transit and lorry insurance together on one policy?

Call us today and ask Can I have goods in transit and lorry insurance together and we'll talk about the situations your company is facing. There are different public liability amounts offered depending on the cargo. Also different premium costs depending on the tonnage across your fleet. You may need European breakdown recovery built in for the odd occasions you use the Chunnel and additional cover for break ins which automatically void all cargo carried. This is a vital part of any lorry insurance policy. With multiple HGVs on the road, any tail backs on route could cause huge financial strain through fresh goods being written off. Or perhaps a vehicle part failure and your refrigerated lorry losing its ability to keep food cool or frozen. Call today to discuss the different Goods in Transit classes and see how much you can save by getting cover instantly at the best price possible.

Can I include young drivers on my truck fleet insurance policy?

Age related insurance, we agree should be phased out and with the Government's Driver CPC Certificate those issues are being addressed. Enabling young drivers at the age of eighteen to be fully qualified to drive Category C and C+E vehicles. But where does that leave you and hiring young drivers? Asking "Can I include young drivers on my truck fleet insurance policy?" is not that unusual. You can include any aged driver on your policy as long as they have been driving for at least a year and even then there might be ways around it. The issue actually comes down to whether you can afford to include an under 25 year old in your monthly premiums. Without a doubt they will increase but by how much?

This is where you need to compare trucker insurance online and get the assistance of some of the industry's best truck insurance brokers. We believe you can hire young drivers without too much of a problem. Or receiving the expected and heightened hit on your annual premium payments. Statistically speaking young drivers are at most risk of being involved in an accident. This is mainly due to driver awareness and knowledge. The more this is proven not to be the case with your named drivers the better. Advanced driving courses help a lot. Also taking on board insurer provided telematics - helping to monitor individual driver behaviour and routes. Dashboard cams to record the moment before a crash and driver software for further education. Helping with maintenance regimes will drive down those high premiums.

Can I include young drivers on my truck fleet insurance policy with no extra cost?

Young drivers are only restricted from taking up an early career in the trucking profession by cost alone. Depending on the history and learning curve of any individual, they may be restricted on certain uses. Such as day time driving only, not to exceed 3.5 tonnes or carry very expensive loads or transport luxury high end cars. These policy particulars can be talked about when the broker calls you back. We will do our level best to discuss your unique situation with underwriters to ensure the least restrictions, the cheapest quote but at the same time the best coverage available. For truck fleet insurance quotes click on the link? The answer is yes. To find out for how much and to get tips and advice on how to proceed simply complete the short enquiry form.

Who does cheap truck fleet insurance for new starts?

Scouring the internet for website resources is not the easy task you are led to believe. Because there are so many truck insurance comparison services online today. You're actually left comparing quotes from the different comparison websites instead, leaving you in the same situation. Who does cheap truck fleet insurance for new starts and entrepreneurs new to the trucking trade? We do, of course, but how cost effective and 'cheap' really depends on your exact business activity. That's what are specialist brokers help you with navigating. The terms and conditions, the policy particulars, all built on your behalf from just one enquiry.

Who does cheap truck fleet insurance for new starts with a new operators licence?

It's a given that you wish to find the cheapest truck insurance quote possible. It is important in our view to ensure you have the most comprehensive cover possible. As you never really know what accident or event will befall your drivers, trucks or company next. First we will collate your truck details and check vehicle history. Matching manufacturer and model against historical claims and possible fault failure. Also checking your drivers and their history, for convictions and claims. At the same time advising you to group driver no claims bonuses. You can have as many drivers on one policy as you wish, saving money, but you do need to name them all. Changing via the 24 hour support line as required. With updates to Goods in Transit cover, breakdown recovery assistance regions and applying further mileage discounts if routes change.

Running a fleet of vehicles does throw up some management problems. Quality tipper fleet insurance can help give a tipper operator peace of mind  . Do not be concerned if you have lots of different types of vehicles. Multi type truck cover can be built in. An insurer also provides fleet managers with some excellent accessories to enact cheaper insurance for trucks. By supplying you with hardware and software. In the form of telematics devices, software for maintenance checks, fuel monitoring and routes. As well as a dashboard cam that can prove helpful in the event of an accident. Determining how is at fault, making it a quicker and cheaper process for your stand by legal team. Who does cheap truck fleet insurance for new starts? Complete the enquiry form and we’ll call you back directly. With tips and advice on how to reduce premiums and get the fullest coverage possible. After which you should be able to answer that question yourself.

Who does the cheapest fleet policy for trucks?

Comparing fleet truck insurance quotes online is something that you should do on a regular basis. Even if renewal time is months away. This does take effort and time to undertake however. If you are able to employ the services of a specialist broker, they can do the leg work on your behalf. The question of who does the cheapest fleet policy for trucks is an easy one to answer. It's the brokerage or insurer that offers you the cheapest deal for your circumstance. You need to be aware of all of your business activities and ensure your motor trade company is covered to the fullest extent. Simply choosing the cheapest fleet insurance for trucks is not your main aim.

Only once all your vehicles are listed, their age, history and details are checked in the relevant databases, can a quote and policy begin to be built. A broker then asks questions related to drivers and their collective no claims bonuses. Which can be transferred from personal car insurance too. You'll be asked about which goods, if any, you transport to ensure you are provided the correct class of Goods in Transit. To make best of use of low mileage discounts it's a good idea to know your routes and be able to detail how far you or your company's vehicles drive. Also whether you need European breakdown recovery and green cards.

Who does the cheapest fleet policy for trucks from all brokers in the UK?

When all these details are combined. Knowing whether you wish to have public liability included, any buildings insurance combined within a single policy and other business related cover. Such as employer's insurance, loss of licence cover, indemnity coverage for work carried out and services offered. Only then will you start to understand who does the cheapest fleet policy for trucks. It would be easy to claim that we do. If you need  flat bed truck insurance see here.  Call today for an instant quote and instant coverage and let us handle the stress while you focus on growing your business. Once you receive the online quotation we'll call to see how we can further reduce your premiums through finding out more about your company and its assets. From tool cover, third party five and theft and all road risks. After which we can discuss with an underwriter on how best to purses the cheapest fleet insurance quote for your situation.

How can I reduce the insurance costs on my trucks?

Truck insurance is not an off the shelf product and is very much a custom built package that offers many opportunities to see an original quote discounted. It's a policy that leaves the buyer very much in control of their monthly premiums. Instead of questioning how can I reduce the insurance costs on my trucks? Consider the alternative of, what can I change to ensure the lowest lorry insurance premiums possible. Our brokers can assist you in driving down the costs on a purchase that is required by law. We stand ready not only to assist in quicker truck insurance comparison but to offer tips and advice to show you how.

Why would an insurance agent wish to lower your premiums? Due to the competitiveness of the market, there's more of an advantage to do so than not. And why pay more than you need to in any case? So how can I reduce the insurance costs on my trucks? First let's see if you need all road risks and building's insurance in one policy. These do not need to be separate. Purchased together as combined truck insurance you'll save. Every underwriter will check where you park your assets each day and night. If the lorries and area overseeing them is much more secure, lit and with security, you'll reduce your premiums. Adding locks or CCTV while policy is running can also see deductions for the following months.

How can I reduce the insurance costs on my trucks and pay over 12 months?

Most insurers today provide their customers with accessories that help them in the event a claim is made against their company or drivers. These are called telematics, dashboard cam and maintenance or fuel route software. How can I reduce the insurance costs on my trucks and pay over 12 months is often a common question. The ability to record an incident saves your retained legal team a lot of work in showing who and who wasn't at fault. You can also get deals on grouped driver no claims bonuses, under 250 mileage discounts and we can show you how to benefit from trade plates. While lowering premiums is important, managing payments can be even more so. With flexible payments spread across a year, you can save a higher percentage by paying annually. But also pay over ten months instead of twelve. Call today free tips and advice and to have truck insurance comparison completed on your behalf. Once you receive your quote, we'll call you back to try and lower it even further!

Who does HGV fleet insurance for new ventures?

Getting your new motor trade business off the ground is not an easy task. For the thousands who did so before you, it was the same situation. Gathering all the details, calculating costs, navigating the laws of the land. Do you have someone to help you do all of this? In may some strange, but a truck insurance broker is possibly your best avenue for free advice. Entrepreneurs should get advice and tips from every place possible. When you enquire about HGV fleet insurance our brokers will do mostly everything on your behalf. Finding you the correct insurer, at the right price for the best coverage. Who does HGV fleet insurance for new ventures and your new business? Why not compare truck insurance costs. We think the answer must surely be us.

HGV insurance comparison and finding the best deal is a time consuming process. Your knowledge is based on your niche business activity. You probably won't understand half the terms that others present you with. Which is why we take special care in understanding your business needs. We build in public liability insurance for the right amounts. If an accident does occur and you are liable, you won't have to dip into petty cash to fund a court case defence or pay any sum rewarded. At your disposal will be a legal team and 24 hour support for any issues that should arise. We like to think we're slightly different to most comparison websites  for truck insurance, a personal brokerage if you will.

If you don't need European breakdown recovery assistance, it won't be included. But if you do in the future, you can add days as and when required. If you are transporting goods for others, contract issues may deem certain loads to be different. You can easily adapt your policy for class changes with one phone. The same for drivers and naming them. Replacing named drivers with one quick phone call. Who does tipper insurance and gives the policy holder ongoing help for the next twelve months and beyond? We'll offer tips on how to secure your truck fleet, lowering monthly premiums. Flexible payments, loss of licence cover, combined business premises insurance and windscreen cover can all be built bolted on with a custom approach. Call today and get all the help you've been missing. Your new truck business can be covered today with all your questioned answered for free.

Where can new operators get cheap truck insurance quotes?

It's an exciting time signing off on your newly purchased truck or rental. Gaining new business contracts and finding premises from which to trade. Though you are probably about to be hit for six if only now you're asking where can new operators get cheap truck insurance quotes from? One of the most expensive costs when setting up as an owner operator is the insurance that allows you to get on the road and stay there. While you can get a quote and cover in an instant and documents dispatched by the end of the day. You should prepare all your documents, proof of trading and provisional contracts so that the process is as smooth as possible.

Your livelihood will depend, in the coming months, on how much is left after expenses. Truck maintenance, fuel, taxes, monthly insurance premiums and other overheads will leave very little spare. We welcome all new operators to compare cheap truck insurance online but we don't just leave you to it. At every step of the way we will be on hand to assist with advice and tips in helping you choose which policy parts you need included. Can you benefit from combined insurance for premises? Do you need to be able to manage monthly premiums more easily? Have you been informed of the correct Goods in Transit class you should choose? There are many different ways to own the following question of "where can new operators get discount tipper fleet insurance quotes?"

We will do our level best to ensure you know where best to park to reduce premiums. How you can use insurer supplied telematics, cams and software for a cheaper quote. That gaining access to multiple discounts is possible if you're a new customer and drive less and qualify for mileage offers. If together we can ensure that your vehicle is well maintained, secure both day and night, that contents and goods cannot easily be stolen and that any premises are also secure. If your driving experience and vehicle history matches underwriter expectations and the type of goods are known in advance. Then building in employer's insurance, replacement vehicle, European breakdown assistance and loss of licence cover will still leave you with a cheaper option. Call today to find out how a broker can help get you the lowest truck insurance that has public liability cover and legal fees covered for when you need them most.

What can a new trucker do to lower insurance bills?

Walking into a new trade is never easy. While it's an exciting time, being a new trucker has to be one of the most expensive career changes a person could ever make. The investment in trucks, on going training and on top of fuel and maintenance costs there's the monthly truck insurance premiums to pay too. Let's forget about those premiums for a second. Have you bought and old or new truck? New while a higher cost will ensure lower parts maintenance in the short term. Old vehicles may well have well documented history on servicing and parts with some due to be replaced. Can something go wrong? Will an accident occur due to parts failure? Ensuring you have a preventative maintenance plan will ensure you save in the long run.

Where you keep your truck while not on the road is also vitally important. If you park it down a road on a commercial trading estate or area side road. The likelihood of the truck being broken into or its contents being stolen are high. Imagine the hassle and cost of footing the bill for lost cargo. Or parts being stolen and needing replaced. If you park in a secure area, with CCTV, security guard and have additional locks. Your truck will be less of a target. Your excess will stay low due to reduced claims. What can a new trucker do to lower insurance bills? Have you considered how expensive it is too replace windscreens? Make sure you build windscreen cover into any new policy that you compare online.

Whether you drive a 3.5 tonne or 44 tonne lorry your driving experience matters. The majority of claims are to do with accidents caused by drivers. If you can find the time to take advanced driving courses, you'll not only be more road aware, reducing the possibility of an accident. But your insurer will look kindly on this extra certification and reduce your premiums in line with your driving history. What can a new trucker do to lower insurance bills? Before you seek discounts and deals from a specialist truck insurance broker, consider what you can do yourself to change the financial situation. Locks and security, training and maintenance, even taking on board insurer supplied telematics can assist in lower premiums. If you can afford to pay annually do so as there are great discounts for paying in advance. 

To be eligible to get an HGV license you need to be at least 18 years of age and have passed the practical and theory test. However, getting that driver insured as part of an HGV fleet policy can be slightly less clear cut. A fleet policy will usually exclude drivers aged younger than 21, 25 or even 30. However, most commonly a fleet policy will usually restrict drivers who have less than two years HGV driving experience.

But, what if the driver has a more chequered driving history? Clearly, any points accrued on a license need to be declared to an insurance company as part of the quotation and cover process. This is true with HGV fleet insurance as it is a personal car or motorbike policy. As part of this process of full disclosure policy, any convictions also need to be declared. Each insurance company will have its own rules and criteria on who and who can’t get covered, so always check first.

If the conviction of the person whom you intend to insure is a criminal one you should note that the vast majority of insurers will decline to insure anyone who has current criminal convictions. As and when the convictions are deemed as 'spent' under the rehabilitation of offenders act, insurance can be taken out.

To be competitive in a crowded market insurance companies are constantly reviewing their criteria on who they will and won’t provide cover for. There may be some providers, for instance, who will consider ‘any licensed driver’ policies but naming individual drivers will, typically, result in a reduced premium.

HGV fleet insurance can be a minefield. If in doubt declare as much information as you can and use the advice of your insurance broker. After all, that’s what they’re paid for.

Back in September 2018 Volvo, the world’s second largest HGV manufacturer presented a new self-driving truck to the market which it hopes will address two key needs; the boom in e-Commerce and the lack of trained drivers. Volvo did say that the truck is still in the R&D phase and declined to comment when the truck would be available commercially. However, the winds of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are blowing through many industries and haulage will not be exempt from this change. However, how will the advent of AI affect the HGV industry?

Insurance premiums are based on risk and that risk is determined by behaviours. These behaviours are determined, predominantly, on the behaviours of humans. Hence NCD for good drivers, and companies. Add a machine into the mix and the way insurers assess risk changes fundamentally.

Before we dive into the detail it’s probably worth considering a few points. Firstly, driverless HGV’s are clearly some way off. Secondly, the way they are deployed will need to be fundamentally different from the way Uber were experimenting with driverless taxis. The predominant use would need to be on a motorway where traffic tends to be more free-flowing (especially at night). We think the use of driverless cabs will be limited to kind of journeys where risk (especially from safety and therefore an insurance perspective) will be minified. It’s worth noting at this stage that Uber has now stopped its experiment with their driverless cars.

If we were to make a prediction around this we would suspect that major insurers would need to run a two-tier system and specific policies would need to be written for driverless HGV’s and hauliers would need to make individual arrangements — driverless and driver. When Insurers make predictions around underwriting risk they, generally, have a large bank of data to draw on. This data is aggregated from previous trends and extrapolated based on the specific patterns of the would be insured. Clearly, with the advent of driverless HGV’s (or driverless anything for that matter) no data currently exists to assess these risks. For that reason, we suspect, these driverless policies will be higher; at least initially.

Though clearly there are some risks with driverless fleet vehicles, as well as potential extra costs, the benefits of this technology could be a really disruptive force for good for the industry. We mentioned low-risk motorway deliveries above but this technology could also have a big benefit on roll-on, roll-off ferries. Work, in certain environments, could run round the clock, massively increasing productivity. These benefits could negate any, potential, higher prices in premiums compared to their ‘driven by a human’ alternatives.

We shall be keeping a close eye on the latest news from both truck manufacturers and insurers around the evolution of driverless HGV’s.

The likelihood of a ‘No Deal’ in the insurance industry will be sending a shiver down the spine of many an actuary. Insurance is bought on the hope of both parties (the insurer and the insured) that the policy will never have to be used. Underwriters make their calculations on risk based on the status-quo and, of course, the status-quo used to be the UK’s membership of the EU. Clearly, it’s impossible for anyone to precisely know what will happen as the political situation is so fluid but we thought it would be worth considering the potential impact of ‘No Deal’ in the world of fleet truck insurance.

The obvious thing many hauliers would naturally consider is how their fleet will be affected when travelling to the EU. The Association of British Insurers (ABI), however, have already been in consultation with the government and the EU. The ABI has urged all insurers to issue ‘Green Cards’ to potentially affected customers who can then distribute these to their fleets. These Green Cards will provide proof of insurance in any EU country. An agreement was made in May 2018 which would negate the need for a Green Card in some EU territories but this was not confirmed by the EU commission so Green Cards will still be necessary.

If there is a ‘No Deal’ their, inevitably will be some short-term disruption. What many Fleet Owners will look to next is ‘the new normal’ and how they can plan for the future now the status-quo has changed. Given the clearly fluid political situation, it’s hard to make any firm predictions about what the ‘new normal’ may look like but we have canvassed opinions in the industry and have looked at the most likely outcome.

Several trading models have been suggested by insurers and parliament. The most favoured, from an insurer’s perspective, is ‘Solvency II equivalence’. In a nutshell, this would be the UK’s rules and regulations are recognised by the EU as effectively the same. This is how other members of the single market (the largest economies being Norway and Switzerland) facilitate ‘frictionless’ trade with the EU bloc. This model is not without its problems, however, it would mean a level of good-will between the EU and the UK Government which may not be achievable post a ‘disorderly’ exit. This agreement can also be unilaterally withdrawn by either party with only 30 days notice, which hardly brings the certainty that insurers or fleet owners need.

It’s not all doom and gloom you will be pleased to know. Some fleet insurance policies may not be affected by BREXIT at all. Importantly some insurers already have agreements in place which will allow ‘Business As Usual’ in the event of a ‘No Deal’. Also, some insurers are expected to retain the capability to underwrite certain cross-border risks under the World Trade Organisations General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). The only caveat being that the goods being transited confirm to the requirements of the nation in which the goods are being transited. And, as the UK will be coming from a place of direct alignment with the EU, this will be the case.