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Compare Truck Insurance

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Driving a truck carries a large responsibility. Most trucks are considerably bigger than an average car, and are much more difficult to move in small confined spaces. It requires a considerable amount of experience and knowledge to drive and move them safely. Despite training courses that are required to pass your Class I and Class II driving test, accidents can still happen. In order to make the best saving, the clever way of doing it is to compare truck insurance prices from different underwriters. The rates for truck insurance can depend on a number of factors, such as the value of the truck, the age of the drivers, and the level of cover required. Also, the activity of the truck - whether it is carriage of owned goods, or hire and reward, are contributing factors toward the price.

Compare Truck Insurance How To Save Money

As a small operator, saving money on your insurance should always be a top priority. We have outlined a few ways below that can really help you make a saving:

  • Be choosy with your drivers
    Always be very selective on the drivers you employ. When insurers are working out how much a policy will cost, the driving experience and history of all of the drivers is one of the main factors. Experienced, well qualified, safe drivers with a clean licence, will massively help you to make a saving

  • Get lots and lots of quotes at renewal stage
    This will enable you to compare and contrast to see exactly what the best rates are in the market. You can often negotiate one insurer against the other, so that you are 100% certain that you are getting the best deal available.

  • Build up your no claims bonus
    By having accident free years, one after the other, you will increase your no claims bonus and this eventually will filter through into lower premiums. And small knocks that occur, that could be sorted without involving the insurance company, will be a massive help.

  • Pay your insurance premium annually
    If you pay in one go, this can be a saving from reduced finance charges. Interest is charged when you borrow money with a credit company. This method alone can make you a great saving.

  • Keep your vehicle totally secure
    If possible, fit a GPS tracking device. This would mean that in the event of the truck being stolen, it will be recoverable and tracked via computer. Tracking devices can also help insure drivers are doing sensible route planning, and not wasting unnecessary fuel.

By using our services, we will compare truck insurance quotes from the whole market, and you will be well on the way to making a great saving.

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