How to Save Money When Buying Truck Insurance

How to Save Money When Buying Truck Insurance

There are many financial considerations to bear in mind when you’re starting a business. Some of them will be non-negotiable, but it might be possible to look at different ways of saving money for some costs associated with your business. Truck insurance is one of those costs. 

Although it’s something you will have to have in place if you have company vehicles, it is possible to find cheap truck insurance that does the job it’s meant to do - you, your employees, and your business will be protected. With that in mind, read on to find out how you can save money when buying truck insurance and help cut costs in your new business. 

Use A Specific Truck Insurance Company 

One of the best ways to start when it comes to finding cheap truck insurance that will save your business money is to make sure you speak to experts at a dedicated truck insurance company. 

In other words, rather than contacting a general insurance company that deals with domestic cars, vans, motorbikes, and anything else that might be on the road and need insurance, it’s far better to contact one that deals in business vehicles, specifically trucks and vans. 

There are some good reasons for doing this. The first is that contacting specialists when it comes to your truck insurance means you can save time. You won’t have to keep explaining your requirements or be transferred to different departments. You can speak to someone who understands what it is you want and get the product you need. Since time is money in business, this is definitely going to help. 

Secondly, if you speak to a general insurer, they may not understand the complexities of driving trucks for business. They might assume it’s more dangerous than it is or that you’ll be carrying expensive loads. If they don’t know precisely what they are insuring for, the price will probably be higher because they have to err on the side of caution. 

With a specialist business truck insurer, this won’t be the case, and you’ll be able to find cheap truck insurance much more easily. 

Shop Around 

Another good way to get cheap truck insurance so you can save money in your business is to shop around. You might think you’ve found a great deal when you click on the first result that comes up on Google, but what if you could get your insurance for a better price? Or what if you could pay the same price but get better coverage? 

It’s true that you might well go back to the first insurance company you found, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around. At the very least, you’ll have a much better idea of what truck insurance involves and what it might cover, and in the best situations, you’ll find a great deal that you would have missed otherwise. 

If you have a preferred truck insurer that you really want to work with, but they are more expensive than other companies, talk to them about it. You might find that they will lower their prices to match the other company, or perhaps they can give you some insight into the reasons why their insurance costs more (and if those insights are helpful to you, this added value might be worth the money). 

Ask For Recommendations 

A great way to start when you need to find cheap truck insurance to save money in your business is to ask friends and family for advice. It might be that they have worked with an insurer in the past - or they have a policy with one now - that they are very happy with. If you simply ask the question, most people will be pleased to recommend a business they’ve had good experiences with. 

You don’t have to stick with just the people you know either. Why not post on social media and ask a wider range of people? The great thing about this idea is that it’s highly unlikely that people are going to recommend businesses that haven’t helped them. In this way, you’ll get a list of potential insurers that you already know do good things. This will help take away the worry that you might be making the wrong choice. 

Of course, just because an insurer was right for one person doesn’t mean they’ll be right for you, which is why you’ll still need to do your own research before signing up for a policy with any particular company. 

Read Reviews 

If you need cheap truck insurance, another good idea that can be used in conjunction with any and all of the ideas above is to read customer reviews. Don’t just stick with the reviews that the insurer has on their website (although they will hopefully be accurate, they will also only be positive, and you therefore won’t get the full story) and look on third party websites as well. Search on social media too. Read as many reviews as you can, good and bad (if there are any), to get an overall picture of the insurance company in question. 

When you have more details about what they’re good at and what issues have come up (and if a problem keeps coming up, that’s certainly a red flag as it means the company is doing nothing to address it), you can make a much more informed decision about which company to use for your cheap truck insurance. 


Cheap truck insurance can make a real difference in the bottom line of your business, and it’s definitely worth taking the time you need to find the ideal insurer for you. You’ll need to think about your budget, but remember that you also need to see what the policy includes to make sure you’re completely covered even if it was a 44 ton HGV artic. If you needed to claim on your insurance and you couldn’t get any compensation due to the fine print you missed, that could be worse for your business than paying a little more to begin with. 



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